Drone does not respond to takeoff and land topic messages

Hi All,

I’m working on unit 2.1 and cannot get the drone to respond to the edited code. After I edit the teleop code to have the publishers for drone/takeoff and drone/land, I’m able to run the code, but the drone does not respond to any keypresses. I’ve set the takeoff block to trigger at the condition key == ‘1’, but pressing 1 does nothing. I’ve also tried changing the code blocks to reflect those in the provided teleop program outside the cloned github repository, but that does not work either. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @jgermann2017 ,

I’ve sent to your e-mail the script working (I just tested it) so that you can test it also in your course.

Hi, I have the same problem described by jgermann2017.
Can you please send the correct script also to me? Please do not send it on my e-mail. you can send it as a private message.
Thank you!