Creating message turtlebot ros basics

Hello, I am trying to make first message (FindWall) for the ROS Basics Real Robot but I get this error:

This seems to be dealing with packages Im not familiar with. Is there a coding issue with my coding or in the background?

Issue persists. Anyone know if its an issue from my end from coding or if it is on the development studio?

Can someone address this? Unable to move forward

This seems to have a potential resolution but I dont have the appropriate permissions

Hi @r.franklinismail ,

Could you try removing the folders
~/catkin_ws/build/ and ~/catkin_ws/devel/
Then try to re-compile using catkin_make

If it does not work, please execute the command
echo $ROS_PACKAGE_PATH and paste the result here, please
It will help me to debug your problem


Hi @r.franklinismail

We had some similar issues, could you try the solution proposed here?

The approach was to make sure some basic packages were installed

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y python3-osrf-pycommon
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