Create docker image for ROS Navigation in 5 Days


I’d like to try and run the ROS Navigation in 5 Days tutorial on my own PC in docker to make sure I understand all the dependencies from scratch.

The first step would be to spawn the world and robot. Which packages and launch files would I need to do that and where would I find them?


Hi Patrick,

You may may freely explore and implement the simulations used in the courses in our public simulations repository, but you can’t have the whole course environment replicated, as it were, because the notebooks and some environment setups are subject to intellectual property rights.

Please see the following post for more information.

Hi Bayodesegun,

I think I may have made the wrong impression. I’m not trying to clone the course but to help make what I learn applicable to real environments I’d like to know how I could implement a similar simulation in gazebo myself.

I’m looking for how to write a launch file to load a world and spawn a robot with the sensors necessary to navigate. Is there a course available on how to do that?


Hi Patrick,

Thank you for clarifying.

Regarding docker, let me clarify that you don’t need to use docker on your local PC except of course you want to use it for code isolation from the main system. We use docker on the Academy in order to manage the environment and simulations more effectively, but that might not apply to a personal installation that is not as complex.

Since I’m not sure whether what you want to do is learn how to create and use worlds and robot simulations or how to use existing robot simulations and worlds, I give two options here:

  1. To use existing robot and world sims, identify the specific simulation you want to implement in our public simulations repository and clone the specific repository to your local PC, in your ROS workspace. It would already come with a launch file. You would just need to compile the package and run it.

  2. To create your own robot and worlds, please see the following live classes (you can explore all live classes here):

PS: I suppose you have ROS running on your PC already. If not, the last units of the ROS Basics in 5 Days course contain some hints on installing ROS locally. You can also search “install ROS” on this forum and you will get a number of posts on that.

Please let me know if you need something else.

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