Course support for C++ for Robotics Course

I don’t see a course support page for the C++ course.

First of all - thanks very much for doing this course. My C++ is very rusty, and the ROS Control 101 requires that, not Python, so I really needed a refresher.

A small typo in the example code for section 2.5.1 - there’s a missing “;” on the line
printf("- %s \n",word.c_str())

Also a question - the section says printf requires including the class cstdio, and that is used early on in the lesson when we first see printf used. But in the example code here cstdio is not actually included. However the example code does compile and run (once the missing semicolon is included) - so the example is a bit confusing.


Hello @comm ,

Thanks for your feedback. I will look into these issues and modify them so that it’s not confusing anymore. We are also going to create a page for this course right now.


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