Course review notebooks not loading

the course review notebooks are not loading.what should I do.

Logout and log back in, this should give you a new virtual machine / a new system.

Hi @ed21b017

Are you still facing this issue?

If so, could you reload the page?

If the options suggested here do not work, could you try opening the course with an Incognito/Private tab to see whether is not a plugin that may be blocking the content?

In the last case, could you also send us a screenshot of the problem?

its still not working

Hi @ed21b017,

I did a quick investigation but could not find the reason for the error, since I was able to load all Units of the course with no problems.

I’m afraid we may be able to work on this again only from next Monday onwards (already Friday night here).

In the meantime, if it is possible for you to try any of the alternatives below, they could help us better determine the root cause:

  • Opening the website from a different location (home, university, public internet, etc)
  • Could it be that you have a firewall blocking specific connections? If so, would be possible to disable the browser?
  • Could you open it using a different web browser?

I’m afraid these are the only options that come to mind now.