Course progress not saving

hi, i started the course “URDF for robot modeling”.
you guys just had a system error. after fixing the error i went to continue the course and when i came back all my files were gone.
i logged in from the same account
i continued the same course


Hi @droneman,

I apologize for this problem. Did you manage to solve it? I can see that we have some files in your workspace, last saved on Nov 16…is there something missing?

i am having the same isue,
i am dooing the ros for beginners 5 day course, it has been happening for a couple of days now, not sure what is going on,
but in the morning i was 100% sure that i had more code done, even to the point when i want to revisist the alreaddy done tutorials and the code is gone so i cannot revisit what i have alreaddy written and learn from what i have done previosly

i must say this is soooo anoying and it just takes up to much time, say you are at execrcise 6, and you need to go back to exercice 4 and once the code is not there you need to remake everything again, then the next day you have to do some part of the previous one again instead of just looking at the notes to the code :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:
did anyone else experiance this problems
i cannot see any sort of normall solution apart from backin up all the code in notepad on the PC or something

Hi @ziga.rupret,

Huh, sorry, this should not happen. I’m looking into it right away.

Hi @ziga.rupret,

I’ve been trying and have not been able to reproduce this problem. How are you closing your session?

  • Do you just leave your browser open and allow your session to time out?
  • Do you close your browser window?

In any of these cases, your files are saved, but please let us know what your usual practice is so I can look further into the issue.

yes sometimes i have been timing out, sometimes i close it, and then firefox asks if i want to leave the page. but i only noticed that this is what happens today, for instance yetrday i was at chapeter 5 and 6 dooing the BB8 robot tutorials and i could sweear my life that i have written more code then was there in the morning.
i will take printscreens now untill this problem happens again.

somwehre along the way (i think because of this problem) i deleted my whole catkin_ws, as sometimes i guess when the changes ive made did not save correctly the catkin_make command would not build, so if you have a view of the history you can see that is wehn i have done it myself

Okay, should the problem happen again please give us as much details as possible.

In doing the Basic Linux for robotics course it was mostly able to retrieve my terminal, but the chapter page always returns to the introduction page. Kind of a pain to not just be able to pick up where i left off last time.

Also, having begun the 5 day basic course i’ve immediately noticed that the quality of the content seems a little better than the basic courses. I found that the structure of the Linux basics course would often go “do this”, and then i would spent a long time trying to do the thing with the current knowledge given, only to realise that the stuff wasn’t even taught yet, and would come up a little later in the chapter.
Just some constructive heads up. You guys do awesome work!