Course 34 "Create your first robot with ROS" Missing


Have almost completed the “ROS for beginners” path and am about to start the final course, but its missing!
Started the course “Create your first robot with ROS” some weeks ago, but when I was returning to continue my work, the course seems to be missing.

To be clear: I’m not talkning about my progress in the course missing, by the entire course itself. When I click ‘Self-led course’ > ‘Learning Path’> (ROS for beginners) 'Create your first robot with ROS im rerouted to an empty site.

Hope someone here can help!

PS This is my first post on this forum, so im sorry if there are any post-conventions im not following

Hello Vemund,

We disabled this course because of the difficulties in order to get the materials to build the robot. We are also planning on renewing completely this course. But until the new version is published, we decided it’s better to disable the old course in order to avoid issues with new students. Did you already buy the components to build the robot?

Hello Alberto and thank you for replying!

I see. I already have the equiptment, yes.
Are there any way to get access to the old course, until the new is up and running?
Wouldn’t need the entire course (with the simulation), but a pdf or something with the instructions would be highly appreciated!

Hello @vemund.kallevik ,

I just republished the course with a Deprecated tag, but you should be able to find it now in our Academy.

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