Continuing MoveIt JavaScript Noetic

Continuing the post )MoveIt JavaScript Noetic)
I followed the simulation in the link Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses
roslaunch pr2_tc_gazebo main.launch
roslaunch pr2_tc_description robot_control.launch

How can I launch the rosrun joint_state_publisher_gui joint_state_publisher_gui for ROS Noetic?

My goal is to run the joint state publisher in a web browser as follows, link: joint_state_publisher_js/Tutorials/Using JointStatePublisher in the Browser - ROS Wiki

I already installed and tried rosrun joint_state_publisher_gui joint_state_publisher_gui

There is no output. Please help. Thanks in advance!

What do you mean there is no output?

You should see a GUI appear in the Graphical Tools window (where rviz is launched).

If you mean that once you are in the GUI you can’t see anything in the dropdown menu, then that means your controller is not correctly launched, and would need to either launch the simulation again or check why the controller is not running (check if you see controller topics)

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