Connection was reset error;linux basics courses

hi, i am new to construct and ROS, i am having difficulty accessing the content section on “Linux basics course”. it shows “connection was reset”. attaching screeshot for the same. Let me know how i should proceed…

Hello @sandhiyaanand, welcome to our community!

I just tried the course and it works fine for me. Could you close it and open it again to see if the problem persists?
Also what browser are you using, to you have the possibility to use another browser just for testing?



In addition to what @rzegers said, the “connection was reset” error usually comes from the internet connection.

  • Are you behind a proxy or firewall (such as you might have in a university or corporate network)?
  • Are you able to try another network?

Specifically, it would seem that something in the network is blocking access to Amazon Web Services URLs (* Could you please check that?