Connecting real depth sensor?

Is it possible to connect a real depth camera such as the RealSense series cameras and get the feed inside of ContructSim?

Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do exactly? And do you have a robot you want to connect, or are you planning to connect to one of our robots?

Hi, i have a real robot and a real real-sense depth cam. Am i able to connect the camera over USB to my computer that is running ConstructSIm?

No, not over USB, it is over the cloud. Go over to the real robots section and follow the instructions to connect your robot to our system.

After setting up the robot, you can connect to it in a rosject, move it, and add visualizations in Rviz if you wish to.

If you have any trouble with the connection, please let us know here.

Makes sense for a robot (which has IP address) but what about camera which connects via USB?

How do you connect the camera to the robot? If you can make the robot communicate with the camera, then that communication should also be available when you connect the robot. You should establish robot → camera connection first, then try connecting to The Construct.

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