Computer vision basics show some error while trying to show the picture taken from the drone

Hi there, I am facing an issue in the exercise 2.3 of computer vision basics unit 2. I am trying to see the image that is taken by drone’s camera but It is showing some error. I also tried the given solution but with no success. I have attached the code below along with the launch file and error. Does anyone know why is this error coming and how to solve it

. Thanks

Hello @navjotsinghsodhi52 ,

What error are you getting with the solution code provided? I just tested it here and it seems to be working OK.

Hi, I am just getting black screen in graphical tools and nothing is loaded and the error shown is in the 3rd picture which I have attached above. Cheers.

Hello @navjotsinghsodhi52 ,

Are you still having this error? I’ve just tested your code and it’s working OK. The only error that might appear is the below one (th1 1st time you launch the program):

In case you get this error, just relaunch your code and it will work.

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