Completion button is missing

I can’t find the button to complete units, there is no transparent timer button anywhere on the web. Therefore, my progress is stuck at 0%. Please help me.

Yea… this even bothers me too. Did you get to fix that?

The course is now tracking automatically your progress in the courses. You don’t need to manually complete the units. Just spend the time studying it and doing the exercises and the system will detect your progress and update it accordingly.

One tip: just reading the notebook doesn’t make you get the content of the course. You need to do the exercises. So, just doing a quick overview of the units and thinking you know it will not make you know it. You need to put the effort because this is not a video based training. It is a hands on training.

Good to know that it tracks my progress automatically. But the problem is I’ve done each of the exercises in the bash and IDE. Did I miss something here?

Unfortunately, not. So I guess there is no choice but to complete it without my progress being saved.

Thank you for the feedback, we’ll look into this and let you know.

In the mean time, please don’t let this bother you - the completion percentage is just a visual aid and it does not affect your performance in the course.

Great, thank you for the support !

Dear All,

We have made some changes. Please check the post below: