"Check solution" misclicked


I have just submitted a version of my “actions_quiz” but in the first try the topics were not found. I wanted to continue debugging but I misclicked the “check solution” button. Now I cannot submit anymore while I haven’t seen any solution yet, because I immediately closed the solution window after the misclick. Can you please help me with this issue? I yet do not know at the moment what I did wrong and why the auto-correct-robot cannot recognize the topics.



Hi Yang, welcome to the community!

I will take you at your word and reset your quiz tries. Moving forward, please remember that checking the solution disables the submit option.

Also, make sure that all terminals have no programs running before you run the grader. This probably was what happened with the topic recognition issue you are mentioning.


I have the same issue as yang, but I want to see my quiz answer. I saved the answer page on today morning. But when I go to that page, the answer disappear. Could you let me see the quiz answer of 4.3 (topics quiz) of ros basics in 5 days. Thank you


You can submit again now. After the grader is done you will be able to check the solution again. Please note that you cannot directly “save” the solution page.

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