Chapter 6 Auto-graded Quiz Issue

I recently took the chapter 6 auto graded quiz. As I just couldn’t understand why my program wasn’t working (I had to delete /devel and /build folders in order to make ROS recognize some changes in custom package service), I checked the solution of the quiz to see if I had an obvious mistake, without actually doing anything of it. Problem is that now I’m stuck at 0.0/10.0 grade and can’t mark this quiz as complete checking the box.

Is there any way to reset this or to mark this chapter as complete? Otherwise I won’t be able to reach 100%.

Thanks in advance!


As you have viewed the solution, it is no longer possible to re-submit the quiz, as indicated in the warning messages. And, yes, your completion will not be 100%.

You should have contacted us with your doubts instead of checking the solution.

That said, don’t worry so much about the completion; it is only a visual thing. And I’m making you a deal:

If you complete and present the Real Robot Project for the course, and you do well in it, we will allow you to retake the quizzes. And if you do well in the presentation and the quizzes, you’ll get a certificate for the course.

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Thanks, I’ll try my best.

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