Change my name in Certificate

Greetings Sir, I just recently completed the Code Foundation for ROS Certification but the name on the certificate was the default name in my google account which I used when I signed up. I already updated my profile name to my real name but it didn’t reflect on my current certificate.

My name on Certificate - Ashish Varma
Change to - Sri Sai Ashish Varma Penumetsa

Hi @AshishVarma,

I have reset your certificate so it should now reflect the updated name.

As you might understand, you can’t change the name on a certificate by merely changing the name on the profile. Users need to contact us, just like you have done, to make this change.

Sorry to say sir, It doesnt got changed to updated one, could you please check.

That’s the name on your profile - the certificate takes the name on your profile. Please let me know when you have changed the name on your profile to what you want to see on the certificate.

@bayodesegun Sir, i just have changed my profile name(Sri Sai Ashish Varma Penumetsa), but when I logout and login again it getting change to the previous name(Ashish Varma) which is the user name for my google account.

Hi @AshishVarma ,

This seems to be a weird issue. I believe your account is controlled by Google because of the account linking.

Here is one suggestion, since you are quite new to this community and have not accumulated much history like many long time users, you can try to create a fresh account in this website (without linking any other accounts like Google / Microsoft / Blah Blah).

Once you have a separate new account in this website, you can then request TheConstruct team to transfer your Certificate with your new name to the new account.
[TheConstruct team, please inform/verify if this action is possible].


@girishkumar.kannan then what about my course access, can I access it in my old account??

Hi @AshishVarma ,

If you are subscribed then don’t do this action yet. Ask TheConstruct team if they can transfer subscription to a new account.

If you are not subscribed to this website yet, then just create a new account here and start your subscription with your new account. Once your certificate is transferred to your new account, you can delete the old account.

But wait for TheConstruct team to give you an answer, don’t delete anything yet.


PS: If the name on certificate is not really important to you, you can avoid these hassles. You will get a unique certificate ID that only you can have, even if there are many people with your same name!

Thanks for your response @girishkumar.kannan, I do not want to get into all this mess, anyhow ill get the unique certificate ID so I want to access my courses from my present account only.

A simple trick here would be to change the name on your Google account too.

If you are using Google Auth, it takes the profile data from your Google account for obvious reasons.

Thanks for your response sir @bayodesegun

greetings sir @bayodesegun , i would like to change the names on the certificate i have just completed, the names on the certificate are 'Bpdur bdr ’ i would like to change to Tsepang Mothibeli, i have actually updated my profile names to the desired ones ‘Tsepang Mothibeli’ on my acount

Maybe we should let you play around a bit with the current name, looks cute to me :slight_smile:…Okay, fixed.

thank you very much sir