Can't execute trajectories in Gazebo

Hello, I have been having trouble with this course every step of the way and it seems like it has something to do with the robot urdf. I tried executing a simple trajectory between ‘start’ and ‘home’ after creating the package and following all the steps, however it appears that ‘rbkairos_base_footprint’ is causing the execution to fail. I went back to recreate the package and this is what I got when I uploaded the urdf file (which I left unedited)

I don’t think it is anything I’m doing, as I couldn’t run demo 2.2 for issues with the urdf file as well. Appreciate your patience. Thanks

Hello @erbrauch ,

I’ve been doing some tests with your Moveit package and it works as expected. In Unit 3 (the unit you are at in the image you shared) you are not able yet to control the simulated robot (you will only be able to see the trajectory execution in Moveit Rviz). In order to adapt the Moveit package to control the simulated robot you need to do some extra steps explained in the next unit (Unit 4).

As for the Warning appearing in the Shell do not worry, you can just ignore it.

Hello @albertoezquerro

Thanks for the help! I went back and recreated the package and it works now! Must have been a typo or something that got overlooked. My apologies

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