Can't access courses and reactivate subscription even though already paid

Dear TheConstruct-Team
I’ve been subscribing for over a year now but since beginning of May, I cannot access the courses even though the payment went through (May 4th). It says

" License required
Can’t access course unit
The access to this unit is only allowed for subscribers"

but when I try to subscribe again, it says

" Error creating subscription
Subscription failed: you already have an active subscription to the product ‘Learner Monthly’. Only one active subscription is permitted. Your subscription is still active but your license has expired because autorenewal failed. Please contact us to resolve this issue."

Please help!
Thanks and best regards

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Hi Hyun-Suk,

I apologize for this glitch. Due to some error, we did not get the notification of your payment. It’s corrected now and you should be able to access the courses normally.

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