Cannot connect to real bot

I booked a session to real bot for my first time today. But unfortunately I couldn’t connect to the real bot. I have no idea about the reason, even the correct step to configure and connect it.
The error info telld that I don’t have master running, but after I start Gazebo with simulation, ‘rostopic list’ does show the topics available, but connection still doesn’t work.

I have already type in the code offered to configure:

but I still kept received this info:

I follow the step which were advised below but get no response:

the camera is ok, but joystick was just loading:

Could anyone tell what is the correct operation to connect a real robot? And do I have to use precious session chances which has only 2 for a week to test connection? I have completely wasted my first chance this week… please help.

Hi The Construct team,

I also reserved a TurtleBot session today for 11:30 AM CET. I also cannot connect to the robot. Same problem as @MeineLiebeAxt .

The streams have loaded but I cannot do rostopic list or start the rosbridge. The on-screen joystick keeps spinning.

Someone please fix this issue and also please reset my real robot sessions for this week.

Thanks in advance,

but what about this problem?

This is my first time to connect a real bot. I don’t even know what it should be like to show the success of connection…