Cad model to ros

Hi there, I have one question, if we create our own cad model(solidworks, Inventor) etc, then can we import that robot model into ros and program it. So, it will be like making our own robot model and then programming it. But how we will then program the robot, if there is no chip inside it, or how do we know which chip to put into our robot. Also, will we be able to use the same topics like cmd_vel to move our robot? why or why not? We can create our own custom messages but what about topics, can we also create custom topics? why or why not? I asked this question on many platforms but didn’t got a satisfactory answer.

Hey buddy! its me, your new BFF! It looks like you got a pretty good idea on how to make models and what topics are published to make the robot go.

You can make your robot model 1 of 2 ways. One way is to use primitive shapes to represent the robot within a URDF. The other way is you can cad model parts and then assemble them within the URDF file. As an armature at this, I would argue that the second creates more issues within the simulation and to stick to the first method until you are good and ready.

If you are making your own robot, you will need to do some building of some stuffs. First you will want to determine if you want to use a microcontroller or a computer, then you will need a motor driver, some basic sensors (IMU, encoders, microswitches, cameras, laser scaners, etc) and have to find drivers (or make your own) for ROS. Check out the Create Your First Robot with ROS course to see more about making your own robot from scratch!

You would be able to use the same topics, I would suggest you use the topic naming convention so that you don’t get confused when doing the programming. You also can make them whatever you want, but it may make things difficult for you to program, debug, or for anyone else to help you with. As your court appointed BFF, I suggest you do what helps people help you.

You can have custom topics (I believe there is one example in a course that is named jedi and sends the text: “help me obi-wan, you are my only hope”) Why? Maybe you want it to do something at a certain time or position? Why not make custom topics and messages? Maybe the standard ones are enough for what you need your robot to do.

I hear ya buddy, your BFF Matt is here for ya!