[Bug] vscode ide is not open, only this course

This is an error report.

Screenshot of the error

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In other course, I can run vscode ide well, but only this course dose not open, i can see in this ide, exploer:user. what is this mean? i open this course at chrome, firefox. both can't work. this loading is not end. i just download code in vscode ide, after that it can't work. how can i fix this problem? i allowed third party cookie and java scripts. and i restarted several times.

Something probably went wrong with you current VM after you downloaded that file.

If you leave and come back in around 20 minutes, we’ll assign you a new VM. Please let us know if it still does not work by then.

uh… it still not work. i think that my pc’s internet was disconnected, when i download the code file. so in this process, my vscode ide have some crash. could you reset the course? Two course, ‘Reinforcement Learning for Robotics’ course and ‘Fuse Sensor Data to Improve Localization course’, is not working. i agree to reset the courses.

I have reset these courses. The IDE should load now.

Oh!! Thank you. It work well. i think this problem occur that internet was disconnected when i download code file. i will be care of this situations. i appreciate you, bayodesegun.

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