[Bug] small typo

Screenshot of the error

Error details

commong => common

@katrinac, Thanks for noticing that, but the best way to report typos is by clicking the red “Report an Error” at the bottom of the screen. This forum is best for asking questions of other users.

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Thank you for pointing that out. However, it is also okay to post typos here because:

  1. It usually gets the attention of those who need to fix it faster.
  2. It can help to clarify the doubts of other users who may have run into the same typo.

Actually, that red button is meant for errors relating to the platform itself - like when the notebook, shell, simulation, or IDE is not loading. When the error is directly related to the course, it is better to post it here.

Whenever you are in doubt about where to report an error, please post it here.

Hi @katrinac ,

Just to keep you informed, I have sent a feed back report to The Construct team regarding all typo errors in the course. Those changes are not yet made. [I have also included this typo error in my report.]

You can proceed with your learning. Don’t be worried about the typos, for now. They will be fixed soon.


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@girishkumar.kannan Thank you for your work!

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