Big dimensions with big wheight robot swerve like with limit - Help!

Hi Guys,
I have built a Rover with 4 steering wheel (similar to swerve drive but with limit and slower), i’m using ROS2 Galactic.
I have two problem with my rover, the first one, i’m tryng to make a controll and planner adapt to the task. for example i want to transtate omnidirectionally with heading fixed (someting like: check heading at the start and at the end of the goal) this is for the reach the goal without rotation, and because i can’t handle x + y + z(angular) case with my system, any help please?.
The second problem is the very low speed, my robot is very heavy (around 750kg) so the movement for tuning the steering is very slow, what parameter i can change or what controller is good for this case?

Thank you to all guys!

Did you have a look at this: ros_controllers/four_wheel_steering_controller at noetic-devel · ros-controls/ros_controllers · GitHub

Thank you for link duckfrost2, i have yet write this part of code, and it works well. i’m looking for a way to don’t publish Z-angular and move only in x and y value, di you know some way? i’m tring right now to putting Z-min-vel and max vel to 0.