Better simulation for performance

Hi, which simulation do you think is best for the use of a real time simulation based on your experience?

I am currently having trouble with doing this as my team is currently working on a self driving car in gazebo. The tracks that we are using are so big to simulate and this has caused a performance issue where the simulation time does not follow the real time.

I have found webots, isaac, ignition but I cant find anything in terms of simulation performance.


Doing realrime in simulations is not easy. You need a powerfull system that can cope with complex simulations.
It also depends on how realistic you want the ismulation to be. Its not the same a simulation made by boxes than an UnrealEngine Based simulation using naniteā€¦ All depedns on what you need the simulation to be.

I would fist start with the most simples simulation in Gazebo if you need ROS systems and work with a world with the minimum amount of interations in the physiscs tag.

I see, that make sense. Thank you for your answer!

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