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I am new to this platform and I submit my first quiz by mistake and my first mark is 4/10.So,its really difficult now to achieve a score over 8 as there is a very narrow margin of error and I am a beginner.I want to achieve a very high score and certificate,because I want to become a ROS master,so if it’s possible,I would like just for this time start the course again.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @thkoron ,
I am not an expert, but have recently started an internship in ROS. I suggest you don’t emphasis too much on the certificate part. Its nice to update it on LinkedIn, but at the end of the day, companies will view your portfolio, that is the projects you have worked on rather than the certificates.

And regarding the score, it’s completly possible to get full score in them, you just need to go through the course content once or twice. Keep troubleshooting and try to understand what each error means. Thats the actual learning process. Frustration is part of it.

If you are not able to get full marks on a quiz even after a lot fo attempts, send us a screenshot of the error that’s appearing and the code you used and i can help in troubleshooting.

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