BB8 won't move sideways 5.4 services quiz

When I ask for a twist with linear component in the x direction BB8 moves.
However, when I change the direction of motion to be in the y direction BB8 does not move.


Am I correct to believe that BB8 should be capable of omnidirectional movement? If I recall correctly, the BB8 keyboard teleop demo in the introduction to Linux course allowed BB8 to move sideways.

For now, I can change BB8’s heading to complete the quiz but, I’d like to know if I’m missing something.

Hi Steve,

You need to set angular.z rather than linear.y to turn the robot. And try values lower than 1 (0.1 - 0.5) for all directions first so the BB8 doesn’t turn or move too fast.

Thanks. Because the lower half of BB8 is sphere, I thought it would be possible for the real life robot to move in all directions. After doing some research, I found a picture of the internals of the BB8 robot and now see why I have to steer it like a differential drive robot.