BB8 Gazebo simulation on local machine


I am trying to replicate the services_quiz on my local machine so i have cloned the bb8 file and solved most of the errors i encountered. Please I need help solving the error shown in the picture below and more importantly, how to get the greyed out bb8 robot to show properly so I can launch the service. Thank you.


@bayodesegun @rtellez @ralves @albertoezquerro Please can anyone help with my question? Thank you.

Hello @Yelaina ,

Well, this depends a lot on the setup of your local machine, so we cannot help that much here. However, it looks like Gazebo is having some problems finding the models for the BB8 robot. Check the GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH environment variable and make sure that there’s a path to where you have the BB8 models.

Hi @Yelaina ,

when running roslaunch commands, you can always use the --screen param to show the output to the screen, so you can better diagnose errors.

Something like:

roslaunch pkg launch_file --screen

Using the command below you can also find the command used to launch gazebo (gzserver and gzclient):

ps faux | grep gzclient

ps faux | grep gzserver

You can replicate the gzserver commands passing the --verbose command to see the output in the same way as the --screen used for roslaunch:

gzserver "args here" --verbose

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