BB8 did not move enough

At the service quiz in chapter 6 of the course “ROS basics in 5 days”, I’ve got 6/10 because the corrector claims that the robot didn’t move enough.
As the instructions said the small square has to be at least 1 sqm and the big one has to be at least 2.
I’ve actually did the math from the equation v=d/t and tested the result on the simulation and it was just just fine. why did that happen ?

Actually I didn’t see the solution because i forgot that my last submission was the 5. so i clicked on close without being able to see the solution anymore. could someone please help me on this.
I still believe that i deserved the full mark for my solution :confused:


I have given you one more attempt to submit the quiz. Please make sure all processes in the terminals are killed before you run the grader. Also, double check that all of your file names follow the instructions to be sure. If the square is big enough, you should then get a full mark.

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I did as you’ve said and the result stayed the same. I thought the problem that the corrector uses its own client and send a massage that makes the robot not moves enough so I checked that in the code as well in order to modify it if needed.
Screenshot from 2021-08-02 15-27-15
I test the code and counted the area like a hundred time. But for some reason the corrector seems not to be able to move the robot.
these are the my files:
Screenshot from 2021-08-02 15-21-56!
and here is my code of the server:

I want to get the certificate so it’s important for me that the grade is corrected if my solution is correct.
please test it if you want to make sure that it’s working