BB8 did not move enough (Services Quiz)

Can you please help me out… I am stuck on the quiz related to services in ROS Basics in 5 days C++ course… Upon submission of quiz, I got “BB8 did not move enough”… I couldn’t find anything in the instructions like it has been mentioned some posts that “The small square needs to be 1 sqm, and the big one 2 sqm.” Can you please elaborate or give clear instructions for this quiz. I am out of clue because my bb8 is moving in square (small square for the first two times and then large square after that for one time).


Hello Talha,

I’ve checked your package and found that the actual problem was that:

  1. The launch file call_bb8_move_in_square_custom_service_server.launch, for calling the service, was missing.
  2. Furthermore, start_bb8_move_custom_service_server.launch should ONLY start the server script. It should not start the client. I will clarify this point in the notebook.

Please fix these points and you should pass the quiz. Your attempts have been restored.

Please do not worry about this. It just shows that you are human and can miss a few things just like any of us. We are also taking this opportunity to make the instructions clearer.

Your logic works very fine, so good job there! But this happened according to the “prophecy” in the notebook:

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you strictly follow these instructions, since they will allow our automated correction system to properly grade your Quiz, and assign a score to it. If the names you use are different from the ones specified in the exam instructions, your exercise will be marked as FAILED , even though it works correctly.

@bayodesegun Thank you for your kind help. I am very grateful for your detailed reply and clarification. Got right in the first try this time. Thanks

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