Basic of path planning

hi , i am currently looking to buy your path planning basic course . i have some following doubts .

  1. in this course are you going to explain each and every step of code which u did not explain in your live class or you just explain pkg and how to executes those ? please revert me back asap because i am planning to deploy it robot (sim as well as on real robot)

Hello @akshaywifi2 ,

The live classes are open and must be brief to cover subjects in one hour.

The course goes further into the concepts and also practical examples. The first unit of the course is open and you can check the notebook, it explains exaclty What you will learn and How you will learn. Go to the course page and start the course:

You will have extra informations and even try some examples using a simulation.

Please, let me know if you have enough information about the course and if I can clarify any other doubt.


Thank u so much for answering . Answer help me a lot .

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