Basic kinematics of mobile robots - Unit 2 possibly wrong parameters ex.2.2

Using the provided code, the offset of 0.2m makes the coke cans intersect. Applying offset of 0.45m renders similar to the expected result picture :slight_smile:

Also for the can rotation example in the beginning, if I do the rotation around y axis, there is an offset (on the gif the bottom of the can rotates along y axis, while in my case it rotates with an offset from the y axis.

Hello @samaleksandrov ,

Thanks for your feedback! I donโ€™t quite understand the 1st issue you mention. Could you share some images of it? Which coke cans intersect? Iโ€™ve been doing some tests here and, from what I see, only 1 coke can is spawned in Section 2.2.