Basic Arm Kinematics Part 1

Hello, i tried to solve forward kinematics of arm manipulator, file is attached…Before going to next part i want to check this solution, what to do for its testing?

Hi @misbahsuhail123, I apologize but the real robot project for this course is out of date and therefore currently unavailable. I have made the changes in the course to reflect this.

Please proceed with the normal Course Project in Unit 5

Means we have to only do the project given in Unit 5. Okay, but dear roalgoal i am having problem in Unit 3, it was told in start there are many ways of assigning frames and then calculating DH parameters. I saw some videos related to this topic but i couldnot find the way followed here. same in inverse kinematic Unit 4 topic…can u pls guide some site or tutorial, i consult the book of K.S.FU, but things are different in it.
thanks for ur help roalgoal.


The way the DH parameters are assigned is as bibliografi dictates , its a method an therefore its always the same. The only difference is between arms and some design choices.

The bibliografy used for the generation of the course was Siciliano - 2009 - Robotics modelling, planning and control, and also you can have a look at this video wich is very similar to the example of DH parameters assigning: DH-Video

If you have more question, please be more precise and to the point to the questions so we can answer better and solve any other doubt you might have

Thank for your reply dear, can u help in the kinematics diagram attached here, i m having confusion in selecting Z3 and Z5 axis

I will be greatful to you.


The Z axis depend exclusively on the way the joints work. This could be one solution, although it depends on which direction you consider turning that joint is positive:


Hi…thanks for your reply in first image the Z3 and Z5 are clear but in second image(kinematic diagram .png) i couldnot understand how he took Z3 and Z5 as we say that Z-axes are normally in direction of rotation, please clear this point.
You said we consider the turning the joint is positive but here theta 3 is showing clockwise direction.

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The secodn diagram doesnt make a lot of sense I’m afraid, some z axis are not where they should be. Is this in the course? Or is it something outside this course? Becuase I don’t seem to find that image. In which unit and section is it?