Autocorrect mark did not tally with final score (ROS Beginners Exam)


I’ve been graded 8 marks using the autocorrect system, but my final score ended up with 0 marks. Is this a glitch? Cheers

Not sure if this is related:
I subscribed for 1 month of the “Learner” Plan two months back and completed all the modules within this ROS beginner learning path. However, it is only recently that I completed this Beginners Exam. Is it the case that the completed modules are not stored in the database due to the expiration of my Learner plan?

Hi @izzatfadzlon,

No, not at all.

From the logs, I saw that the grader didn’t complete properly so your mark was not registered. I have re-submitted the quiz for you and your mark is now properly registered. You may submit again if you wish.


hi @bayodesegun

Thank you for the quick reply and rectification, the mark has been updated correctly now. However, I am keen on receiving the certificate of proficiency after completing the path. This certificate does not seem to have updated even though i have score >8 and completed all the courses within that learning path. What am i missing?

Visit the learning path page and click on the “View Scores” button. If your total score is >=8, then your certificate should be ready in 2hrs as the page says.

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hi @bayodesegun

I have gotten a score of 9/10 for the exam. However, it’s been 6 hours and my certificate has yet to be processed. How do I rectify this?

I think you misunderstood the requirements. The certificate is not issued based on the exam only but also on your scores in the assessments of the courses on the path.

If you clicked on the button I mentioned earlier, you should have seen something like this, which shows you are yet on the way…

ohhh yes, my apologies. That was greatly due to my misunderstanding. Thank you for clearing this up, will work on the other topics now.

edit: I just remembered i might have clicked the solution for the graded exam for “ROS basics in 5 Days” back when i still had my subscription (2-3 months back). At that point in time i didn’t know this was a component of the certificate. As i am keen on earning the certificate, is there anyway i could redo the exam and have its score captured if i were to renew my subscription? :sweat:

You will be able to retry the quizzes for Topics, Services, and Actions. These quizzes count toward the final grade for the course.


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