AMCL constantly needed?

I am trying to make sense of navigation here, I know that SLAM gives us the maps and AMCL localizes the robot on the map, when doing path planning however does AMCL need to stay on? or is it just ran once?

It needs to stay on, as robot always need to localize itself in map for constant path planning. AMCL gives estimate of robot pose which is need by robot to know where it is in the map all the time.As you know path planning is not constant because local planner updates new paths in case of change in position of obstacles in order to reach final goal. I hope it makes sense.

Yes that makes sense. Another question though when I am running ACML node I also run a map server node to publish my map but I realized that only gets published once? So if I dont have rviz open with the /map topic before I run the server I dont get to see a map until i run the server again, is this normal? Or should the server be constantly publishing the map?

Yes the map server also need to be run all the time, as it needs to publish into the /map topic. When the node is not running then no one else is publishing into it. Rviz, constantly reads from the /map topic and if there is no data, then it does not display any map.

I see that is my problem then… the map server is running but only publishes the map topic on startup once. Need to figure out why now. Thank you for your help!

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