Allow people to share their course rosjects and/or environment to facilitate technical support

This idea may be little crazy but, Would not be nice to have temporary access to the environment of other student academy? i mean sometimes when we have a problem we can share picture or shell logs, but sometimes is not enough information for others to help. so i thougth you can share your environment for certain time and others can acces (kind of what you do with a rosject but in the academy) but the changes you make will be erased when you leave the session. perhaps this is only a staff members job but the idea is that the whole comunity could help.

Hi Lucas,

Thank you for your suggestion, and for helping out a lot on the forum!

It’s this kind of “crazy” idea we need! I think this is a good one, and so I have made it into a feature request. I completely get what you are saying and will discuss it with the team. We might come up with something slightly different but nevertheless achieves the same purpose.

Thanks again. Keep pushing your ROS learning and support spirit!

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