All Projects and files gone

All my files from ROS Navigation in 5 days are gone in it’s place is traffic_cone_recognition and it seems like a collision with one of the projects from the lab which is where I was at when came back to have a look at one of my files and found them replaced by the traffic_cones.

Hello @hskramer ,

Sometimes, when switching between projects/courses, it takes some seconds to update the files. Do you still have this problem or it was solved?

I still have the problem I have tried everything. Today when I logged in I still have the traffic_sign_recognition_realrobotlab package. That is the only one. It has been like this for two days not including today. So all the exercises everything I have done is gone. If you can’t get them back for me I will have to redo everything I lost.

Hi @hskramer,

I apologize for this glitch. I have restored a version of your files that contain your ROS Navigation projects. Please let us know if you can find your files now.

Yes, all my files are back.
Thank you very much