All packages and files under catkin_ws/src have disappeared

All folders and files under the catkin_ws/src folder in the course “ROS basics in 5 days” have disappeared. I think you were porting to Noetic and were going to copy files across to “ROS basics in 5 days Noetic”. When I go to that course, the missing files and folders aren’t there either. Please can you recover them?


The files are still in the ROSBasicsin5Days without noetic, the Kinetic version. Next monday we will port the files automatically from the kinetic course to the noetic course.

If you don’t want to wait for that copy, just download your files form the kinetic course ( ROS Basics in 5 days ) and uploaded manually through the IDE into the new course ( Ros Basics in 5 Days Noetic ).

Also if you want to start migrating your code, here is a video we did with the most common issues and indications :

IF in the original course you don’t have the files, then its a known issue that the solution will be patched today.

Please tell us if this second case is your case and we will try to recover them

Hi, It’s the second case - the files are not in the original course. Please try to recover them

Hi @jamesdangereux,

We have just recovered your files for the “ROS Basics in 5 Days” course. Could you please check again?

Your files for the Noetic version seem to be intact.

Hi, Files aren’t there and basic ros commands such as rosservice list aren’t working - I get the message “bash: rosservice: command not found”

Hi @bayodesegun
There are still no files in my “ROS Basics in 5 days” course . Please could you recover them and save them into the “ROS Basics in 5 days Noetic” without overwriting the files and folders that are there please.

Hi @jamesdangereux,

I have recovered your files for ROS Basics in 5 Days. When you open that course, you will find instructions for migrating the files to Noetic.

Hi @bayodesegun
The ROS basics in 5 days course has now disappeared. Please can you email me all the files?

Hi James,

Done. Sent to your registered email for this account.

Hi @bayodesegun

Thanks for that. Unfortunately I haven’t received an email with the files. I received an email notifying me of your message above ( to address jamesd********@icloud*com ) so I’m assuming you have my correct email address?
Please could you resend?

I have the email set on your profile, that looks like the one here. I’ll send you a private message with the email I used.

In any case, I have resent the email.

Hi @bayodesegun. I’ve now received the files - thanks.

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