All files of rosject lost

Hi, I was working on ROS Basics Real Robot Project for the last few days and completed simulation but just before testing on real robot yesterday I lost all my files and some unknown files named traffic sign detection appeared on workspace. Also the project notebook not opening.Please help me with same.

Are you mixing two different rosjects.

You have a rosject titled ROS Basics Real Robot Project (Wall Follower) , which you just started working on yesterday.

And you also have another, ROS Basics Real Robot Project, which you have been working on for some time. There was a sudden change in the size of this yesterday, so I am restoring the previous version of this rosject that has the correct size and will let you know when I’m done.

The previous version has been restored.

thankyou . I got all my files now. I have connected to the the real robot which started ROS Basics Real Robot Project (Wall Follower) rosject. I am getting problem while launching real robot. Its lab view camera is not turning on in whole 25min session. I am unable to test my rosject code in real robot. It happened in 2 sessions.