After opening the dekstop, I get a blank page

After opening the dekstop, all it’s working but after a few second, I get a blank page and I have to refresh everytime, It the first time that this occurs. I am currently on Google chrome with no VPN

I’m sorry you experienced this problem. Very strange.

If you do experience it again please send us a screenshot so we can know where to look.

I don’t think the site shut down, because when I refresh the page, It all remains as It was before the blank page, but a few seconds after, It gets back to blank page

You’re right, the site didn’t shut down. It looks likes the browser crashed.

I have seen cases like this before, and it’s always due to memory being used up/the browser is otherwise blocking the page. This particular page needs a decent amount of memory and CPU because of the simulations. Please try the following and let us know.

  • Check the memory usage at the time you are on that page. See if you can free up some memory.
  • Try using the Firefox browser and see if the same thing happens.