Advice on RFID vs Fiducials for indoor Localisation

Dear @staff,
I am currently working on building a robot waiter for a restaurant environment. The robot works as it should, uses AMCL technique to Localise itself and everything works as it should.

Though it works in the simulation, i don’t think it would be practical to manually set the initial position every time the robot starts or localized mid-journey due to errors. I am looking for alternative approaches such as:

  1. Fiducial based, where the camera will scan for QR codes (or April Tags and such) in the environment and extract position info from them.
  2. RFID based, where distance from multiple RFID tags (min 3) will be used to calculate position of the robot.

Can i get your review on both of the above-mentioned approaches, the pros and cons i mean.

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