Adding ACTOR model in the rosject

I am trying to add the actor model in the simulation. So, I edited the world file of the turtlebot that I installed in the environment .In the world file i didn’t make any change except the addition of actor model. I ended up getting a stick figure rather than a person on roslaunching the world. Please help me to figure this visualisation issue. I need a person in the simulation and not a stick diagram.

Could you please give us more context?

  • Are you working online or locally?
  • Are you simulating a course or a rosject?
  1. yes, I am working on the rosject. A private rosject project provided by the academy, that is, working online.

  2. I am following multiple courses of the academy. I just tried an experimentation by implementing all that I have learnt till now.

Hi Varun,
the ACTOR model is a quite complex model that is at present not supported by rosjects. The reason is the ACTOR is complex because it is showing different poses as it moves and this is not yet supported on the rosjects.

Instead what I recommend you is that you use a static person model like the one of this repo:

By using those packages, you can spawn a human in the world and use it for recognition, follow people, etc. The only thing is that the model will not move its legs and arms. You can emulate movement of the human in the environment by creating a small program that changes the position of the model in the Gazebo world, emulating then human movement.

This solution is ok for most cases


Hello Ricardo,

Thanks for your reply! I did exactly the same way to get workable results. Other readers reading/might need this model to be added, can add animation to the human model using following link


Awesome suggestion Varun! I think your link is very useful for other users in similar situations. Thanks for sharing!