Actions_quiz problem

I can’t seem to figure out why i get a 0 for the actions_quiz. package name is right. when i catkin_make my package i get no errors. the right names are used for both the launch and the action files. when i roslaunch the launch file it launches the action server. when i publish the 2 goals (TAKEOFF or LAND) the drone acts as intended. i reset every terminal before submitting the quiz. the drone is on the ground (reset the simulator before submitting).

What feedback do you get from the corrector?

i get a 0, no feedback

@GasPatxo @JJacobs Let me look into this no feedback problem and come back you.

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We are still working on this bug, which I have now confirmed. I apologize for the delay.

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@GasPatxo @JJacobs the problem is not fixed, sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier.

Please try again now.

it worked now, got a 10. thanks for solving this problem

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