Actions_quiz grader complains that drone doesn't takeoff/land while simulation is OK

I try to pass the action_quiz.

Everything works flawlessly in my simulation: In the command prompt I observe the action server is active and provides all action server services. I am able to take off and land the quiz drone by sending the “TAKEOFF” and “LAND” messages using rostopic. The simulation work flawlessly.

But the grader complains about “Drone did not take off.” or didn’t land. The takeoff and land complains look random, depending on the run.

I also checked code and simulation the grader suggestions:
“- Is your code taking the drone off correctly?”
“- Is your code landing the drone after taking it off? It should NOT. You should use the LAND call for that”
and may confirm that there is no such scenarios in the simulation.

The problem looks like is dealing with the timing. I tried different timeouts for the takeoff/land actions, but still have failures.

Could you take a look explain the grader behaviour.

Hi @srozin, welcome to the community!

Check out these posts that had the same issue as you. You might have to kill all your processes before running the grader. Don’t worry, you will get a full mark if your program does as instructed:

Yes, I am sure that no my processes are running in the background, because I launched the grader, right after I started the course. There were no my processes and the drone is idle.

Please check this post, it might be that the takeoff and land topics were not ready before your message got to them.

Thank you @bayodesegun. After waiting for the publishers to be ready the grader doesn’t complain about the drone misbehaviour.

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