Actions Quiz: getting mark of 6 but no reason why

As you can see in the picture, I’m getting a mark of 6, but no explanation as to why? My drone takes of and lands as expected, and I have done all correct naming, why am I still getting a 6 and not a 10?


Hi @d.zablah,

Let me check the logs for you. But did you get any kind of feedback while the grader was running?

The reason is that your drone did not take off, as there was a problem executing your script. Were you able to roslaunch your package successfully?

In addition to that, you should have seen a set of feedback similar to these (and not just the final mark):

To fix this, please try clearing your browser cache.

I was able to takeoff and land the drone with the words TAKEOFF and LAND, however when I submit it doesnt work? Could i send my package here so that you can check it, as I lost 4 out of 5 tries already. I got no kind of feedback while the grader was running.

To be clear: I can compile and launch my code and when I test it in my webshells the drone acts as it has to. And I saw no feedback like that, as I have previously stated.

I took a peek at your code and found that you are setting your feedback message wrongly:

# self._feedback should be an instance of your action's 
# feedback class but here you set it to a string
self._feedback = "LAND"
self._feedback = "TAKEOFF"

So your current code is generating this error:

...    _x =
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'feedback'

Try: = "TAKEOFF" = "LAND"

Your browser has probably cached a previous version of the app. Please clear your browser cache to get the latest version of the app.

It’s actually 3 out of 5, so good luck with your next trial!

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Hello @bayodesegun, I am facing a similar issue, can you please help me to get just one trial for topics_quiz?