Access course notes without starting a course or rosject


Is it possible to access the course notes without starting the course?

As sometimes I want to go back to read something as reference after completing the course, or I just want to read up on a topic and try with my own example (local). For that it is rather slow and unnecessary to load the whole course environment…

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Hello @JRTG,

This feature is already implemented. If you have an subscription you can access the course notes either from a different course or from a rosject. So you must at least have a course or a rosject running.

From a rosject:
You can check all of the course notebooks by clicking on the green book icon at the bottom menu bar:
Screenshot from 2023-01-09 09-48-34

From a different course:
You can check all of the course notebooks by clicking on the blue book icon at the top menu bar:

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As @rzegers already explained, you need to open a course or rosject.

But do you mean you would like to review the notes without opening a course or rosject? If so:

  • Where, for example, would you like to have a button to launch the notebooks?
  • Please vote for this issue by clicking on the Vote button to the left of the post title.


Indeed, opening notes without course or rosject.

The two main reasons are:

  1. It takes time (and server resources) to load the environment, which is unnecessary if you just want to read up on something,
  2. I like to read through the courses whenever I have spare time, but currently as the course environment needs to load, it is impossible to access the course notes from a smartphone.

I would propose to add a ‘Course Notes’ button to the course overview page, similar to the ‘Start Learning’ button:


Hi all,

I would like to vote on this idea also!

But on specific conditions:

  1. The user should have at least started learning the course and must have completed between 25-50% of the course, to be able to view the notes, while being subscribed. Also make the notes available only till the chapter they have finished. So, if they have completed 60%, then only 60% of the course notes can be viewed.

  2. It could probably be accessible to users who have completed the course 100% when they had subscription, but not currently subscribed, while access to other course notes remain blocked or inaccessible. (Optional and only if possible.)

So, if either the first or both are possible, then count my vote too. [This way it could be beneficial for both The Construct and the users.]

– Girish

@JRTG @girishkumar.kannan
Thank you for making your request and suggestions very clear.
I will discuss your suggestions with the Team for possible inclusion in the list of features to be implemented soon. Hopefully we will have move votes to increase its chances of getting “elected.”

What is your rationale for this?

Consider for instance the ‘Advanced Modern C++ for Robotics’ course.
I have a lot of experience in C++ for robotics, yet there’s always room for improvement, so I’d like to quickly skip through this course and see if there might be specific details that go beyond my knowledge.
So for most topics, I am not at all interested in completing the exercises and test projects. For other topics I might prefer to directly apply new knowledge to my own code in my own projects, or for completely new topics I might effectively prefer to do the course exercises first.

So I don’t see why enforcing a certain learning path would be beneficial.
Of course if you want to receive a course certificate, that’s something else. Then you need to complete all tests and assignments.

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