About the robotics

now I want to build robots and drones for agricultural purposes so could you please tell me along with ros , python, and C++ how much knowledge of machine learning, computer vision, and deep learning should we needed I had a lot of confusion between these things so according to that I will take the course

Hello @715777 ,

Well, that question is quite subjective and depends a lot on what you want to achieveā€¦ In any case, I would suggest the following courses for you:

  • ROS Navigation in 5 Days
  • ROS Perception in 5 Days
  • OpenCV for Robotics
  • Machine Learning for Robotics
  • Reinforcement Learning for Robotics
  • Deep Learning for Robotics

These courses are in addition to the basic ones, of course (Python, C++, Basic ROS).

Hope this helps,

I would say that now a days the only thing you really need for that task ( other systems can be bought with the drones ) is the DeepLearning systems that you need it to do that job.

I would start there

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