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Hi there, it is written that the exam can be submitted only once but we can submit it multiple times, can someone clarify it please, also the time for the exam is 2 hours but I didn’t saw any timer running for the exam. Thanks

Hi @navjotsinghsodhi52 ,
This has been answered before, check out the following post: Exam and Quiz Info - #2 by textzip

The post is a few months old, but I believe rules for exam timings and the number of attempts have not changed as such.

Happy Learning …!!

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Thank you for calling this out. Could you please be specific about which exam and send us a screenshot where this confusing information is mentioned?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bayodesegun,
I have seen this in a couple of courses under the "Important Notes Section"

This is from the ROS Navigation in 5 Days Course Exam

This is from the Python 3 for Robotics Course Exam

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Hi there, it is the python exam of the python for ros course.

Hi, I’m sorry I don’t understand your question. Which exam are you talking about and what is your question about it?

Hello sir, I just finished the exam of python for robotics course, if you go to the ultimate code challenge in this course, you will find the exam instructions are bit confusing as according to these instructions, we have 2 hours for the exam and also we can submit only once but in actual we have infinite trials and no time. It needs some instruction changes. Thanks, I am just helping to make the construct better because I am really impressed with the teaching style and I learned many things since I have joined. I would suggest you to put some advertisements to make this platform more popular as it deserves this. Also, it will be better if we can give some feedback on websites like trustpilot. Cheers.

Thank you so much for your feedback. It’s indeed helping us to improve our Academy.

That part of the notebook has been corrected. Thanks again for pointing it out.

Thank you for the suggestion. Let me speak with the team on this. In the meantime, if you choose, you can start a review for app.theconstructsim.com and we can claim the website later.

Thank you again for caring so much.

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