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Respected Professors,
We are developing a robot for our semester project. We are almost done. My friend and I are doing the navigation part. We both has almost done the coding part. We also developed the 3d-world using Blender application. From here, would you please guide us with few doubts:

  1. How would we put our robot model(that is prepared by one of our teammates) in this simulation environment we’ve created.
  2. How do we connect our code to our simulation environment and robot. I mean, the coding part is ready( My friend has developed coding for localization and path planning using C++, and I’m almost done with mapping from this academy). The 3d world is also created in blender. How do we apply our code on the robot in this world. Would you tell us next steps plz to complete this last portion ?
  3. I’ve done mapping using python, from theconstruct course. He has done his coding of localization and path planning from Udacity using C++. How do we combine both and make it one ?

We want to do all of the above using ROS.

In advance, I would be really thankful if I can pull this off with your help and get clear with my next steps
Abdul Basit Dost

Hello @abdulbasitisdost,

  1. You need to create a URDF file of the robot and spawn it into the Gazebo world. You can get some knowledge on this in our URDF course, however, additional knowledge will be required here in order to launch and configure all the sensors and Gazebo plugins.

  2. Since ROS works with topics, it doesn’t really care that much about different environments or robots. So here you will basically have to modify your code to use the new robot topic names (for instance, the laser topic is now named /my_laser, etc…) and robot frames. You might also need to do some modifications to the navigation parameters depending on the case.

  3. You shouldn’t have any problem here. You can launch everything by separate (Mapping, Localization, and Path Planning) regardless of the code languages the nodes are written on. You can have a look at the Localization and Path Planning Units in the ROS Navigation course to see how each part is executed.


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Sure Professor Alberto @albertoezquerro.
Related to my 2nd question, how do I connect my code to the robot and environement. Like, we have made environment. And then we’ve written this code. Now how do we integrate them so that they can work with eachother. Do I need to mention something about the environmentand robot in my code inorder to make them work with my code ?