A couple of things, Rosject Doubts

can i add some colors to the walls?? i can barely see them.

And in the video that is in the file for make the first exercise of the rosject there are 2 videos. In one of them [ROS Q&A] 031 - How to read LaserScan data - YouTube you say that right it’s 0, front it’s 360 (90 degrees) and left it’s 719(180 degrees) but this didn’t work for me, instead the next photo works.
maybe i misunderstood the video, did i?.
This is how i’m reading the scan
if (msg->ranges[360]>0.3){
I’m doing this in c++ and the video example is python
Thanks beforehand
Por cierto se nos nota mucho el acento Español jajajaja

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Hi @AlfMachine ,

I have completed ROS Basic course with Python. I had the same issue.
The laser mounted on the TurtleBot is a 360 degree laser. That is why the second picture of yours works.

Refer my own post here: Incorrect Robot Scan Values in ROS Basics Course - Wall Follower Robot / TurtleBot3

You figured it out yourself!

PS: Even I wanted to change the color of the walls. Even I could barely see where the robot was heading. But I still managed to complete the project.

Anyways, all the best with the rosject!



Thank @AlfMachine @girishkumar.kannan, we’ll consider your suggestion in improving the project.