7 - Calling ROS services from web. There is using p instance div

The html code show in the unit is using p tag instance div tag. inidex.html is usgin the correct tag.

When I run python -m SimpleHTTPServer 7000 on any unit folder show the next view.

But when I run the code pasted from aws in my local computer look like this:

Hi @rafamrtq2 ,

The second screenshot is the expected one for unit 6, about services.
There is a section in the notebook that provides the starting example:

The notebook has instructions to copy the previous unit files to have a starting template, but you should have the expected page as soon as you update the content using the template of the section.
Could you check if you had updated the content of the file unit_06/index.html using the given template?


I pass the unit by running the HTML code in my local computer. The unit_06/index.html is working now, maybe was the cache.

Just as comment the HTML code displayed have p tags instances div tags. The AWS link have the right code. This happens some units ahead too.