4.3 Quiz Correction issue

I recently submitted my quiz for topic 4.3 and I believe I have done it correctly but received the following feedback.

The correction script says that my node doesn’t subscribe to the right topic however as you can see in line 49 in the code behind the message the subscriber node does indeed subscribe to the correct topic. and the script does indeed work as its able to use the laser range readings to avoid obstacles successfully. Not sure if I did something wrong or if there is a small bug in the marking script :thinking:

Hi, sometimes this happens if the names of the files and packages in the workspace aren’t correct. The grader misses them unless the names are the ones specified in the instructions. Also, make sure that no programs are running in the shells.

Hi, I have completed and tested this part but getting an error when building after the submission. I have build using catkin build but once submitted, it is checking for the build using catkin make. When I launched the file, it runs perfectly and avoids all the obstacles. I checked the solutions too, it is same as my solution as well.

Please switch to catkin_make for your projects on the Academy (courses), it can be used on ROSDS (personal rosjects).

I apologize for this confusion, but catkin build is not means for the courses (to avoid this kind of conflict). We have removed references to catkin build in this course.

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Thanks for the clarification!